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MAZDA products - Say it with light


We’ve designed our range using the very latest LED technology for excellent performance and efficiency, with instant energy savings. With a choice of lamp and luminaire designs, color temperatures and beam angles, they provide the perfect ambience for every space. Light that’s designed to create a great first impression, with long-lasting value.

  MAZDA LED luminaires

Mazda - Bulbs



LED energy efficiency in a wide range of applications

Mazda - Candles and lustres



Available in a choice of round or oval styles

Mazda - Spots



A robust choice for all industrial applications

Mazda - Tubes



Robust luminaires for reliable quality and energy savings




Energy saving LED panels in two different sizes

  MAZDA LED lamps

Mazda - Bulbs



Instant brightness in a classic design

Mazda - Candles and lustres

Candles and lustres


Elegant, energy-saving lamps

Mazda - Spots



Lighting accents with beam options

Mazda - Tubes



High quality light in different lengths


Mazda - Downloads



There’s an art to creating a quality lighting scheme that exceeds expectations – without going over budget. With our portfolio of LED lamps you can master it beautifully.

Mazda - Downloads
Mazda - Mastering Light

About us

Mastering Light

The MAZDA name has been trusted for quality and reliability since 1894. Our solid lighting solutions are built on decades of experience in lighting. From retail and residential projects to commercial and industrial installations, they have been developed to meet the challenging requirements of a wide range of lighting applications.
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